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an sakuyang kinang
CARD Astro Laboratories President Mary Grace Quinola shares one of her favorite memories with CARD MRI through “An Sakuyang Kinang” Polaroid Wall. The wall enables visitors to post their treasured photos with CARD MRI that tells a memorable story with the institution.

CARD MRI exhibits countless stories through “An Sakuyang Kinang”

July 13, 2022

SAN PABLO CITY – To see CARD MRI through the lens of its clients and showcase their colorful stories to the public, CARD MRI opens “An Sakuyang Kinang” Photo Exhibit, located at Room 306, Maharlika Square Events Place from July 4 to 8, 2022.

Coming from a Bikol phrase that translates to “Ang Aking Kislap”, the exhibit aims to tell the stories of its centers that portray success, inspiration, and hope through the lenses and flashes of photography, hence the photo exhibit’s title. The featured photos are from one of CARD MRI’s online contests in 2022, entitled “Kislap ng Padayon”.

Boasting a total of 90 photos from the centers of CARD MRI’s Banking Institutions namely CARD Bank, CARD SME Bank, CARD MRI Rizal Bank (CARD RBI), and CARD Inc. (A Microfinance NGO), visitors can take a moment to appreciate the stories told through photography. To give spotlight to the contest’s institutional winners, three columns can be found in the exhibit that features the entries and the stories behind their photos. The institutional winners are Poblacion 7 from Davao Oriental, a center of CARD Inc., Salvacion 3P from Davao Del Norte, a center of CARD SME Bank, and Morning Star from Agusan Del Sur, a center of CARD RBI.

One of the main attractions of the photo-exhibit is the entry of the contest’s grand winner, Vibe 10, a CARD Bank center from Camarines Sur. Printed on 2.5mx1.4m tarpaulin, the photo shows two individuals gleefully smiling as they glance on their lamp, all while preparing to set sail on a fishing trip on a full moon.

To Vibe 10, the symbolisms they presented is a depiction of how they see CARD MRI and the mothers that make up their center. The lamp held by the individuals symbolizes the mothers of CARD MRI that light up any dark situation, and together with CARD MRI, symbolized by the full moon, inspires hope as they prepare and wait for a brighter future.

“Through exhibits like this, we get to see the stories and perspectives of our centers that we rarely get a glimpse on. As an organization that prides itself on having a meaningful understanding of its clients and clients, this a heartwarming eyeopener and an inspiring exhibit for all,” said CARD MRI Managing Director Aristeo A. Dequito as he walks through the exhibit.

“As visitors walk through this exhibit, we get a glimpse of the lives of our clients, their stories, and their journey together with CARD MRI. Through these photos, anyone would be inspired to act. For CARD MRI, this will only fuel our drive to work harder towards poverty eradication, to let these centers share more of their colorful and inspiring stories,” CARD MRI Founder and Chair Emeritus Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip on the impact of these stories for the organization.

Besides the photo-exhibit, displays such as the “An Sakuyang Kinang” Polaroid Wall can be viewed. The wall inspires visitors to share their own stories through pictures. Different merchandises, from Koa Kafe and Hijos Tours, are also available for purchase in the exhibit. To view all 90 entries displayed, please visit the “Online Ugnayan and Kwentuhan” Facebook page @CARDkwento.

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