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Full-blown dictatorship looms to the tune of Cha-Cha - Karapatan

January 15, 2018

QUEZON CITY – “From floating the bogus revolutionary government concept, to waving the banner of federalism as the end-all, be-all solution of the problems of Philippine society, the Duterte regime is once again peddling another scheme that will essentially benefit and strengthen political dynasties, open the country to more foreign exploits, and bring us closer to a full-blown dictatorship – Duterte’s charter change,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay.

As early as 2016, proposals have already been filed in Congress seeking the revision of the 1987 Constitution. “The Resolution of Both Houses No. 8 (RBH 8) and the PDP-Laban Proposed Federal Constitution are dangerous proposals which disregard peoples’ rights and introduces a shift that will worsen the current political and socio-economic problems of our society,” added Palabay.

Among the transitory provisions of the RBH 8, Congress will be dissolved and legislative powers will be relegated to the President until the first Federal Congress is convened. In both versions, the new constitution will be designed to allow foreign corporations to further economic plunder by removing remaining protections that the 1987 Constitution has put in place, including the deletion of provisions that prohibit transnational corporations from owning and acquiring land, and prohibiting foreigners from fully operating and controlling public utilities.

Palabay noted that “there is an instance in our history where legislative powers were handed to the executive. That period proved to be a disaster, as martial law under Marcos gave rise to laws, decrees, and regulations that outrightly curtailed people’s rights. Duterte, a self-confessed and crazed fan of Marcos, is expected to follow a similar path towards fullblown fascism and dictatorship. Checks and balances in government will be removed, leaving a chorus of inutile and power-hungry crocodiles controlling our affairs while restricting forms of dissent.”

“Aligning himself with Marcos, his US lackeys in the security cluster, and imperialist nations such as the US and China, the Duterte regime has chosen a set of self-serving friends. Moreover, answering to the demands of his imperialist masters, Duterte obediently aims to remove protection for our already ailing and backward economy” the Karapatan secretary general said.

“The extent that this regime will go to to swindle its own people and forward its fraudulent agenda is revolting. With the current versions and changes proposed, charter change is far from justified, and is a mere instrument of the ruling elite to further their power and gain. Attempts at charter change failed to take hold in past administrations due to protests and resistance from the people who clearly and rightly saw it as a move that will benefit the wealthy few; this new deceptive scheme will be met with the same resistance,” concluded Palabay.

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