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SFDEO undertakes 2 flood control projects in Calbayog City

Calbayog City flood control projects

March 25, 2021

CALBAYOG CITY – Through the continued effort of the Department of Public Works and Highways -Samar First District Engineering Office to mitigate flooding, 2 (two) flood control projects are now being undertaken under the General Appropriations Act of 2020.

A total of more than P63 million contract amount was drawn to finish the flood control structures at Barangays Caybago and Lonoy.

The flood control structure in Barangay Caybago will cover a length of 106 meters that includes a walkway and a height of nine (9) meters. The scope of work includes a parapet of 0.8 meters.

“When I got back from Cebu, that is when I experience in 2014, Typhoon Ruby when the water rose to the level of where the road is located (level of her house is a meter or so below the road). In 2019 or 2018 I supposed, Typhoon Usman happened, that is when we experienced that is very traumatic, that for the first time in my life this has happened. We cannot trace as to where the water came from since when we started checking the river, it was still shallow and in seconds it rose to a level that we were not able to prepare, people are not prepared, properties were lost because of the typhoon Usman, that we experienced so much hardships, not only trauma but so much grief’, said resident Carolina Durmiendo.

On the other hand, the flood control structure in Barangay Lonoy will span 373 linear meters that includes a walkway with a height of three (3) meters. The scope of work also includes a parapet of 0.95 meters.

Emmalyn Arpon, one of the residents testified that, “one of my experiences here in Barangay Lonoy, I have experienced when there was a typhoon, water would rise and reach inside our houses. Flooding would reach inside the house that washed away half or more than half of our house. All of our things and appliances in the kitchen are washed out, almost nothing was left”.

She further said that, “I am now happy that with this project, we won’t fear anymore if the water level will rise because we already have a barrier. Aside from me, a lot of families are also happy that this project was constructed because no matter what typhoon may enter, we will not be frightened anymore because we have something to block the rising water from the river. Even if the water level will increase, since we can’t tell what and when the bad weather occur and in these times, water usually rises, we will not fear it anymore”.

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