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On this site in Brgy. Malayog, the catch wall will be constructed.

P187 million slope protection structures slated for CY 2018

January 24, 2018

CALBAYOG CITY – The Department of Public Works and Highways Samar First District Engineering office will soon implement two projects with a combined appropriation of P187 million sourced out from the General Appropriation Act (GAA) of 2018. It will focus on the rehabilitation/ reconstruction of roads with slips, slope collapse and landslide along Calbayog-Allen Road.

The first project will be divided into five sections and catch walls will be constructed on the following stations: K0691+(-250) to K0691+(-100) and K0691+100 to K0691+200 in Brgy. Caglanipao Sur; K0699+364 to K0699+460.7 and K0699+508 to K0699+535 in Brgy. Cagmanipis Sur; and K0700+075 to K0700+265 in Brgy. Malayog.Its total area is 2,683 square meters with a total length of 563.7 linear meters.

The second project will be implemented in Brgy. Malayog with a total area of 2,572.50 square meters, running a length of 525 linear meters which is divided into two sections: K0700+580 to K0700+790 and K0701+000 to K0701+315.

“The continuous rains brought about by Typhoons Urduja and Agaton caused a number of rockslides and landslides in these barangays, blocking the road and causing inconvenience to the travelling public. We are hoping that by implementing these projects, these incidents will no longer happen because the catch walls will prevent rock particles from sliding onto the road. Thus, ensuring the safety of our motorists and also the residents of the said barangays,” said Engr. Alfredo Monsanto, Jr., the project engineer of one of the projects.

Both projects are expected to be completed within the year.

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