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DPWH-BDEO: 2016 project status

Department of Public Works and Highways - Biliran District Engineering Office

October 25, 2017

NAVAL, Biliran – As we are approaching halfway of the 4th quarter of the year 2017, the Department of Public Works and Highways - Biliran District Engineering Office (DPWH-BDEO) expedites its remaining projects for the year 2016.

The Department of Education with its Basic Educational Facilities Fund, twenty-two (22) projects on school buildings was implemented having a total programmed amount of P172.6M.

Fifteen (15) of these projects having an actual accomplishment of 100%. Six (6) school project in Naval, Biliran, Caibiran, Kawayan and Maripipi is still on-going but is already more than halfway from completion. One (1) school project in Biliran has not been started yet due to the project being temporarily suspended due to weather condition and unforeseen source of water within the project site which affects the foundation works. Thousands of students have benefited from these newly built school and more will be upon full completion of the remaining projects.

For the Health Facilities Project with a programmed amount of P10M, the Rehabilitation of the Biliran Provincial Hospital (BPH) is 100% completed and more patients will be accommodated.

The Department of Agriculture’s P42M projects for its construction of seven (7) farm to market roads is 100% completed. The project was purposely implemented for residents and merchants to have a short and easy access to towns especially to those who lived on remote sitios.

With a programmed amount of P3.2M for the Rain Water Collector, it has an accomplishment of 100%. This greatly help in reducing the consumption water by distributing the collected rainwater to supply to toilets, washroom and utilities that needed water.

Having a total actual accomplishment of 98.997% of the Infrastructure Program, the DPWH-BDEO has completed sixty-five (65) out of sixty-six (66) projects. The remaining project that has yet to be completed is the Construction of Biliran Diversion Road including Slope Protection and Right-of-Way having an actual accomplishment of 87.2%.

Issues concerning the delay is the obstruction of three (3) electrical posts. Construction is still on-going. Completion of the project will mean that more road users can lessen their travel time and be able to avoid traffic congestion within the streets of Biliran.

The BDEO have completed substantial number of projects as of September 30, 2017 and will continue to finish the remaining projects on time if problem/issues should not rise to hindrance the operation.

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