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An Open Letter to President Duterte

May 27, 2016

Dear Mr. President:

I didn’t vote for you because my close friends from high school asked me not to, and I just couldn’t refuse their request.

But in my heart of hearts, I rooted for you.

Right from the start, I knew you would run despite the “urong-sulong” press statements. Not only that, I just knew you’d win. About these two, I never had an iota of doubt, never mind that you essentially came from behind, and you were initially the least likely to win because of lack of machinery.

If I may add, I rooted for you despite your less-than-sterling personal life. I rooted for you despite my having been roundly reviled by my pro-life, pro-Church buddies. Yes, I rooted for you despite your cursing of the Pope.

I saw in you the country’s sole hope for change. I kept on saying: “Duterte will be the next President of the Philippines, and he will make a good President, converting many starting with himself (and myself, too).

Now, I’m not very sure you will.

Why not?

Because if there’s anything that’ll guarantee failure, it’s one’s going against God. In your case, not only are you going against God, you have been viciously attacking his Church.

I’d like to see the Filipino people finally freed from the bondage of grasping oligarchs, rapacious corrupt officials, and emboldened criminals.

Please fulfill the destiny that’s yours even before you were born. Do not do anything to compromise it.

Stop attacking the Church.

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