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DPWH-SFDEO Multi-Purpose Building
Newly constructed Multi-Purpose Building (Quality Assurance Building) in Samar First DEO.

4 infra project aimed at DEO amelioration

February 10, 2016

CALBAYOG CITY – An effective and efficient workplace demands to be organized and well-structured. Department of Public Works and Highways - Samar First District Engineering Office (DPWH-SFDEO) for one believes in this maxim. In fact, since relocating from Barangay Hamorawon, Calbayog City to Barangay San Policarpo, Calbayog City in July of 2010, Samar I DEO has been continuously improving its new working environment.

Recent Infrastructure Programs paved the way to four additional projects which could significantly improve the working environment of Samar I’s DEO. To wit: construction of two multi-purpose buildings, repair of DPWH parking space and repair/rehabilitation/improvement of motorpool building.

With an appropriation of seven million pesos (P7,000,000.00) one of the MPB was under contract with ADB Dynamic Builders. This MPB is a two storey 12m x 12m building with a 65 meter drainage and 20 meters length concrete pathway which is 1.50 meters wide. The second MPB was under contract with JFR Construction and has an appropriation of six million nine hundred fifty pesos (P6,950,000.00). Said MPB is 17m x 30m with canal linings.

On January 28, 2016, both of these MPBs were inaugurated. The event was graced by DILG Secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento, his brother Engr. Edgar Mary Sarmiento and Rev. Fr. Jonathan Zeta with the later spearheading the blessing of both MPBs. The Materials Section of SFDEO is now occupying the first MPB.

Commenced the latter part of 2015, the repair of DPWH parking space ensures safekeeping of service vehicles. The project which has an appropriation of one hundred thirty one thousand pesos (P131,000.00) includes roofing works.

Also scheduled is the repair/rehabilitation/improvement of motorpool building. The motorpool project has an appropriation of three million one hundred ninety seven thousand pesos (P3,197,000.00) and is under contract with VCD Construction. As of this writing, the project is still on going.

As Samar I continues to develop, we can expect that SFDEO staff likewise will continue to grow in number. That being said, we can also expect for SFDEO to improve/increase its own infrastructures to cater the proportional demand for an ameliorated workplace.

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