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8ID Entrustment of Firearms
8ID chief MGen. Jet Velarmino handed over the 444 new R4 rifles to LtCol. Hilarion Palma, Commanding Officer of 20IB during the Entrustment of Firearms at Headquarters 8ID, on February 3, 2016.

Stormtroopers get new assault rifles

February 5, 2016

CAMP VICENTE LUKBAN, Maulong Catbalogan City – In line with the Philippine Army’s goal of becoming well-equipped and acquiring a respectable image in Southeast Asia by 2016, the 8th Infantry (Stormtroopers) Division entrusts a total of 444 newly procured Remington USA R4 A3 Assault Rifles to the troops of 20th Infantry (We Lead) Battalion at 8ID Openiano Field here, 9 a.m. Wednesday, February 3.

Maj. Gen. Jet B Velarmino, Commander, 8ID spearheaded the ceremonial entrustment of firearms together with Lt. Col. Antonio C Astilla, Commanding Officer of 8th Forward Service Support Unit and Lt. Col. Hilarion G Palma, Commanding Officer of 20IB.

Col. Cesar M Idio, Assistant Division Commander; Col. Divino Rey C Pabayo Jr., Division Chief of Staff; and Col. Clifford Cyril Y Riveral, Division Inspector General were among others who witnessed and took part in the distribution of R4 rifles to the troops.

The R4 rifle is a selective-fire (semi-automatic and automatic), gas-operated weapon that fires from a closed bolt. It is hammer-fired and uses a trigger mechanism with a 3-position fire selector and safety switch.

With the procurement of the 5.56mm R4 rifles, the early models of M-16 and M-16A1 rifles will be replaced, since majority of which are already in poor condition and in need of replacement.

The ceremonial entrustment of firearms symbolizes great responsibility and a reminder of every soldier’s duty to protect every Filipino, Maj. Gen. Velarmino said. “The issuance of the new 5.56mm R4 rifles will greatly boost the morale of troops and enhance their war fighting capability”, Velarmino added.

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