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Built reservoirs supply water to residents of Matuguinao

matuguinao water supply

May 19, 2022

CALBAYOG CITY – Two (2) barangays benefit from the reservoirs built with a total revised contract amount of P22.51 million drawn from the General Appropriations Act (GAA) of 2021.

Barangays Mabuligon and Maduruto enjoy the five water tanks including its main tank built within the vicinity where most houses are located. The water source comes from the spring in Barangay Bag-otan where its main tank is also located.

There are two (2) sub tanks that are mounted in both barangays stated above. A total of 1,157 meters of six-inches pipes are used from the source to the main tank. Another 5,157 meters of 4-inch pipes are also used from the main tank to the sub tanks, then, 1,092 meters of 2-inch pipes are installed from the sub tanks to the nearest households.

These far-flung areas in the Municipality of Matuguinao is experiencing scarcity of clean and fresh water thus, building these concrete tanks will be more affordable, durable and healthy than any other types such as plastic or metal. Aside from that, continuous and constant water supply is most needed by these localities.

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