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Barangay San Agustin to San Pelayo road opening completed

San Agustin to San Pelayo road

May 23, 2019

CALBAYOG CITY – A road opening at Barangay San Agustin to San Pelayo is now completed (phase II) at Gandara, Samar with a total appropriation of P100-million.

Only boats can reach barangay San Pelayo but now, one can go to the said barangay from Daang Maharlika then through Barangay San Agustin which is more convenient and easier for more than 1,733 residents of both areas not to mention the other barangays who would want to visit or exchange crops to said barangays.

Samar First District Engineering Office constructed a gravel road with a length of 3.64 kilometers and a width of 8 meters. An embankment was incorporated because of the state of the area which is a ricefield and a low ground. A riprap was also constructed to prevent the embankment from eroding and base course materials was laid for a better riding surface.

Rural areas such as Barangay San Agustin and San Pelayo need roads to transport their produce (rootcrops) to the marketplace since travelling through water is time-consuming and expensive. Although there is no immense reduction of travel time, but residents have other options to transport their products and also, for commuters to travel to their destinations.

This road connectivity is already beneficial to the people in the area because this will now contribute to the local economic development and a big step to a more developed community. This is a part of a much larger picture of interconnecting barangay roads for an industrialized Calbayog City.

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