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Alfred Bartolome
Mr. Alfred Bartolome, an experienced graphic artist and photographer shows sample of his work as a graphic artist and photographer during the workshop on Enhancing Newsletter Lay-out and Photography Skills of DPWH Public Information Officers held at Business Prime Events Center at Calbayog City on August 30-31, 2018.

DPWH public information officers enhance newsletter lay-out and photography skills

September 5, 2018

NAVAL, Biliran – The Public Information Officers (IOs) of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region VIII continue to improve their knowledge and skills on their job under the Development Communication Program of DPWH.

Topics on Enhancing Newsletter Lay-out and Photography Skills were the focus of discussion during their workshop held at Business Prime Events Center at Calbayog City on August 30-31, 2018.

Hosted by Samar 1st District Engineering Office (DEO), Ms. Ma. Nenita Y. Gomez, PIO Designate of Samar 1st DEO said that the topics are very helpful considering that it is applicable on the day to day job of Public IOs.

“DPWH Public IOs have to admit that until today, we still lack the necessary skills and or expertise in lay-outing that is why we have this workshop,” Gomez said.

Mr. Alfred Bartolome, an experienced graphic artist and photographer was invited during the workshop to impart his knowledge on the said topics.

According to Bartolome, newsletter lay-out are considered as a part of graphic design because it is a combination of image and letters. Bartolome briefly discussed on the history of design and its elements and imparts the basic techniques and principles of graphic design such as keeping it simple, embracing restrictions, avoiding trends, and focusing on results.

The speaker emphasized that a good designer follows the rules but a great designer breaks the rules. However, Ms. Gomez suggested that as an amateur in lay-outing newsletter she emphasized that it would be best to follow first or subscribe to the basic technique or principles of lay-outing and design.

“There is no hard and fast rule, because these rules will limit our movement but remember that we are not yet expert, we are still learning, so why not subscribe to the basic principles,” said Ms. Gomez to co-Public IOs.

Newsletters is one of the requirements to Public IOs under the Development Communication Program to be submitted monthly to the DPWH Regional Office as part of the information dissemination campaign of the department.

Aside from the topic on enhancing newsletter lay-out, Mr. Bartolome also shared tips on how to be a good photographer. He shared that in taking photos three important things must be considered: the shutter, aperture and ISO of the camera. According to him, everyone can be a photographer rated either good, better, best or great if one invests time and resources to it.

Alvin A. Ignacio, District Engineer of DPWH Samar 1st DEO in his closing remarks said that the purpose of every seminar is enhancing one’s capabilities including the knowledge, skills and everything.

“To enhance our capabilities, we need to give more, to serve more, and to think more quality into our work,” the district engineer said.

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