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Sueno: Change is coming in barangays thru Seal of Good Local Governance

Press Release
February 26, 2017

QUEZON CITY – Heydays are coming for barangay local government units (LGUs) as the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) is bringing its Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) program down to the barangay-level.

DILG Secretary Ismael ‘Mike’ D. Sueno said, “Just like the SGLG for provincial, city and municipal LGUs, the SGLG for Barangays will also have an incentive after being conferred the Seal.”

The incentive, he said, will come in the form of cash reward to be used for development projects in the barangay.

“Ang malinis na pamamahala, sa barangay ang simula. Barangays are the bedrock of the government. The national government is uplifting and strengthening barangays by assisting and encouraging them towards the practice of good governance which comes with a reward,” he said.

The SGLG for Barangays, he said, aims to make barangay governments accountable, transparent, participative, and effective.

Akin to the current SGLG, the barangay SGLG will assess barangays based on the following key areas: peace and order, financial administration, disaster preparedness, social protection, business friendliness and competitiveness, and environmental management.

On Peace and Order

Barangays will be assessed on their maintenance of peace and order in the community through the implementation of the Katarungang Pambarangay (KP) or Barangay Justice System (BJS), an alternative and community-based mechanism for dispute resolution of conflicts between members of the same community.

Barangays will also be monitored on their creation and mobilization of their Barangay Peace and Order Council (BPOC) and Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC), prevention of the proliferation of illegal drugs, and provision of support mechanisms to ensure the protection of constituents from threats to life and security.

“For the sub-indicator on BADAC, a barangay gets perfect score if the barangay is drug-free. If there is no data on drug-affectation as well as presence of mild, moderately up to severe affectation, a barangay gets zero score,” Sueno emphasized.

Barangays must also be able to maintain their Records of Barangay Inhabitants (RBIs) or any similar document.

On Financial Administration

To measure the performance of barangays on financial administration, they will be evaluated on their adherence with the accounting and auditing standard and compliance with the Barangay Full Disclosure Policy (Good Financial Housekeeping); and sound fiscal management (Financial Performance) based on the percentage increase of their local resources.

The Barangay FDP aims to eliminate graft and corruption in all government transactions at the barangay level by directing all barangay officials to post the following documents in a conspicuous area inside the barangay hall and on the barangay’s official website: Annual Budget, Summary of Income and Expenditures, utilization of the 20 percent component of the Internal Revenue Allotment, Annual Procurement Plan, Itemized Monthly Collections, and List of Notices of Awards.

On Disaster Preparedness

Sueno said that the indicators of disaster preparedness of barangays are: the functionality of the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee (BDRRMC); accomplishment rate of the activities/projects reflected in the BDRRM or community-based DRRM plan; extent of risk assessment and Early Warning System (EWS); and extent of preparedness for effective response and early recovery.

On Social Protection

To gauge the social protection being done by barangays, the DILG will consider the indicators of the functionality of their Violence against Women and their Children (VAWC) Desk; accessibility to health services in the barangay; participation rate of children 0 to 4 years old in their Day Care Center; functionality of their Barangay Development Council (BDC); and representation of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the barangay-based institutions (BBIs).

On Business Friendliness and Competitiveness

A barangay’s business friendliness and competitiveness, on the other hand, will be determined based on the indication of their enactment of a barangay tax ordinance; and issuance within a week of a barangay certificate as a requisite of setting up new business in their area.

On Environmental Management

Barangays would also have to do good in environment management based on the functionality of their Materials Recovery Facility (MRF); percentage of households practicing segregation of waste at source; and functionality of their Barangay Ecological Solid Waste Management Committee (BESWMC).

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