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Higatangan Circumferential Road
Construction of access roads leading to declared tourists destinations along Higatangan Circumferential Road, Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran. As of September 30, 2016, it has an accomplishment of 90% under Chu Construction with an appropriation of P45M.

Biliran DEO’s tourist destination road project is on the verge of completion

October 4, 2016

NAVAL, Biliran – Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) - Biliran DEO reports 90% accomplishment of its P45M Construction / Improvement of Higatangan Circumferential Road, Phase III.

District Engineer, David P. Adongay Jr. said that the project is almost completed, however, the contractor has encountered a slight problem on the project that’s why it cannot be reported as 100% completed.

“Yung’ Higatangan Circumferential Road concreting is already completed but ang problema doon, meron kasing sobra na pera, yung sobra na pera ay di na pwede ipa-semento kasi wala nang sesementohin kasi naka semento na lahat,” Adongay explained. (The concrete paving of Higatanagn Circumferential road is already completed but the only problem is that there is an excess of fund. The excess fund cannot be allocated for concrete paving because paving of the road is already finished.)

Adongay revealed that the fund will be used for programming of road signs, loading and unloading bay or thermoplastic pavement marker as a requirement for road pavement.

“I already directed BDEO Chief of Construction and Project Engineers to submit a plan as per instruction by the Construction Division Chief,” said Adongay.

The Construction/ Improvement of Higatangan Circumferential Road (PHASE 3) is the final Phase of the project to complete the improvement of the entire Circumferential Road. This includes the rehabilitation of existing damaged and substandard concrete pavement, construction of concrete ditch, construction of rest rooms and installation of guardrails.

Biliran DEO previously reported that Phase II of the Construction of Higatangan Circumferential Road under the CY 2015 GAA (General Appropriation Act) was already completed on December 17, 2015 with an appropriation of P40M. It includes concrete paving length of 2.20 Km (Sta.4+256.60 - Sta.6+500) under contract with B. Vicencio Construction.

Meanwhile, the Construction/Improvement of 3.780 Km in Higatangan Circumferential Road (HCR) implemented by the Regional Office 8 under CY 2014 GAA was at long last already completed on May, 2016.

The completion of the Improvement of Higatangan Circumferential Road will provide an access road not only for local and foreign tourists but also for the residents of the place in going to and from to the island’s tourist destinations such as the Higatangan’s popular 200-m shifting sand bar, rock formations, Marcos Hill/ Lighthouse, crystal clear waters and its fine white sands which has been declared as Tourism Development Area through Republic Act Number 10409. The said island is only a few minutes ride by small boat from Naval which is the capital town of Biliran.

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