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DPWH constructed 2 new school buildings in Calbayog City

June 28, 2019

CALBAYOG CITY – New school buildings at Pilar National Agricultural High School (PNAHS) and Calbayog East Central School (CECS) are completed through the Department of Public Works and Highways under the 2018 Basic Education Facilities Fund (Batch 1).

The two-storey, six-classroom school building at PNAHS will be taken up by grades 9 and 11 wherein two classrooms will be appropriated as computer and science laboratory. The new building will house 330 to 360 students. The institute only offers agricultural strand to senior high school students thus the name of the school.

On the other hand, the spacious three-storey, six-classroom building at CECS will accommodate 210 students from grades 3 to 4.

Constructing more school buildings will mean answering the cry for better amenities that will help in creating a good ambiance in the school area thus, making learning easier and more convenient. This will also lessen the over population of students in a classroom.

The Department of Education is always on the look-out on how to improve the educational facilities of every schools and the Department of Public Works and Highways is willing to work with the department in meeting that goal.

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