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New road leading to Calbayog diversion road completed

Calbayog diversion road

July 4, 2019

CALBAYOG CITY – DPWH Samar First District Engineering Office has completed the construction of a new road leading to the Calbayog diversion road. The road connects Narcisa Hills Subdivision to barangay Rizal I and taps into the diversion road.

The said road is appropriated P50 million under the district’s Local Infrastructure Program. It is a 1.36-kilometer-long concrete pavement with drainage structure totalling 2,487.4 linear meters. The road width varies from 4.5 meters to 6.1 meters, with some road sections having shoulder lanes.

Prior to the implementation of this road construction project, motorists and commuters coming from barangay Rizal I used a narrower, dilapidated road at Pido St. Extension which connects to the city proper via Magsaysay Boulevard.

This new development creates another access point to and from the city proper, allowing greater mobility for the travelling public. It also provides residents of barangay Rizal I with a new and better means of transport, particularly its local farmers. The barangay is home to at least 715 people (2015 Census).

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